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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  August 26, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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store. but the store is already there. why people . i ikea, i have ikea items in my house. i don't want to live to one. >> restricting the size of the eye kia store. it is already there. why they are fighting the expansion of ikea. >> trains forced to run slower because of overheated computers. despite its multimillion-dollar how it does. >> an experienced skydiver killed doing what he loved. a proposal to change that. >> in case the driver doesn't notice the car does have the that's the theory anyway. the technology rolling out with a new line of volvos. i'm dana king and the news
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starts now. >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. looking to expand. ik o develop a new . >> good evening, i'm ken bastida, one of the biggest employers in emeryville is looking to expand. ikea has plans to develop a new warehouse just a few blocks away from its big store on shell mount street. as kiet do tells us not everyone is buying the idea. >> that works as well as the eye kia table. >> for lynn turner who is fighting the big box retailer, this is the greatest irony, a home filled with lots of furniture from ikea. >> i love ikea, i have ikea items in every room in my house. i just don't want to live next to ikea. >> he is talking next to this 60,000 square footwear house next to the peaceful emeryville village. the swedish company wants to turn the half empty building into the merchandise picnic location. this is what the emeryville store looked like on the wednesday night. ikea expects about 100 pickups
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a day from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 59 night. >> it's chaos. people trying to put large items, trying to tie in the top of their cars, having it back, they try to stuff things back and pull everything out and try to get it back in. >> reporter: ikea met with the homeowner's association and tried to build an eight foot wall. for join brassard the meeting left a bad impression? there was a certain kind of, just, ar governance. i mean they were pleasantly arrogant. i would hope that most of the residents feel that the city council's responses to their concerns -- >> emeryville route atkins used to live at emery bay and says neighbors have a right to complain but the city will not play favorites either way. >> what do you say to critics that say that they'll give ikea favorable treatment because it brings so much attention the city. >> we have yet to see whether that is a sense of it that will
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be born out by the decision of the planning commission. then subsequently whatever happens at the city council level. >> after repeated attempts ikea did not return our phone calls. and the planning commission meeting is set for 6:30 thursday night. whatever they decide, either ikea or the neighbors can appeal that decision to the city council. in 'em reissville, kiet do, cbs5. >> firefighters expect they'll fully contain the fire burning on mount diablo sometime tomorrow. it started yesterday afternoon near curry canyon road. at last check it was 90% contained. it ripped through 375 acres of brush and grass but no homes were lost. no neighbors credited firefighters for that. >> my house, those guys came up, they came up real quick- like and saved everything. that's being watered down and everything. >> at this point no structures are threatened, no word on what may have sparked the fire. >> b.a.r.t.
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riders know all too well it was a stuffy ride home yesterday all because of equipment failures caused by the record heat. so they found out b.a.r.t. will not be using its multimillion-dollar surplus to fix any of those problems. atier - in other . >> it is, it's hot everywhere yesterday, that's unfortunately what it was, b.a.r.t. was crowded and hot yesterday. >> so in, in other words, live with it. >> in other words that one day we're all going to be hot, one day or two days every summer, it's going to be hot for everyone. >> without air conditioning yesterday's heat wave knocked out a key b.a.r.t. computer system, leaving 20 minute delays and packed trains during the rush hours. another problem is that on about 1/3 of all b.a.r.t. cars the air conditioning is so old it goes out when the temperature outside gets over 90 to 95 degrees. there is a fix for it. 6 million bucks. if you do it.
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but we don't have the money. >> don't have money or don't want to spend the money. the fact is b.a.r.t. is looking at an $8.8 million surplus over the next two years. they are right that we have money when it's a priority. but as far as rider comfort we do take that seriously, we're making ate priority which is why we came up with this customer appreciation package. >> and what's that? well, $75,000 for new screens to view b.a.r.t. train times. another $100,000 for a suggestion box program for b.a.r.t.'s station agents and drivers. and another $750,000 to clean cars and install new seats. the board is also talking about setting aside $2.3 million to delay the next fare increase for riders for six months. there was all is a proposal by some directors to set aside another $2 million to help minority building contractors get work with b.a.r.t. but chilling down the cars and computers just didn't make the list. >> everything breaks down when
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it's super hot a few days a year. b.a.r.t. has problems with electricity and hot temperatures mixed. there's issues. so, to invest for that one day of the year, unless it's a dramatic break-down of the system, then it's not worthwhile investing. >> what do riders say to that? >> it's pretty irresponsible. in this weather we definitely want to have air conditioning. >> wow. it's unacceptable. >> i was one of them, and i was sweating and packed like everyone else and i was uncomfortable but it is cooler than outside. b.a.r.t. also says it lacks the needed money to air condition the computer system as well. bottom line, it's going to be at least five years before we see any changes, and that's when the new cars come in. until then, just going to have to live with the heat. in oakland, phil ma tier, cbs5. >> garbage is piling up on curbs in san mateo county tonight. it's because 12 workers in the
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observations mountain landfill called a 48 hour strike today over stalled contract talks. now more than 500 garbage truck drivers, mechanics and employees have refused to cross the picture line. >> not surprisingly it's causing a stink amongst customers. >> they are lucky to have a job and i can understand their health issues but i just disagree with it. they should be doing their job. workers don't plan on collecting garbage tomorrow either but service should resume on friday. an experienced skydiver from the bay area found dead earlier this week, his body was not discovered until the day after he jumped. joe vazquez shows us one lawmaker shows the delay upped scores a need for stricter regulations. >> the whole thing about sky divers is they are not afraid of dying, they are afraid of not living. >> he lived for skydiving his colleagues say but for some
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mysterious reason his parachute never opened. this is the last picture of him taken moments before he plunged 13,000 feet to his death. >> it's sad. >> reporter: garrett holder is a instructor, he said he died adjacent to the landing zone during his second jump of the day. >> we looked at his equipment and there was no reason that it would not have worked had it been operated. bob hit the ground without operating either chute. >> the coroner couldn't find any medical problems, there was no note or evidence of other suicide. oddly enough his body was not recovered until the next day. his body returned him missing the next day. a quick aerial search. >> i think there's an confidentiality issue that is missing. >> marry niege early pea poe says she is shocked to see how quickly it is missing. >> standards, practices and protocols. what maybe could we do more?
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is there something as simple as pulling a number off when you go up in the plane early in the day. >> turns out the faa has very few rules regarding taking care of jumpers. he was a quiet man who often just got in his car and went home after his jumps without talking to anyone. and there were no witnesses. >> we can only rehackett to what we see and what we're told about essentially. we didn't see bob's extent and nobody told us about it. it went completely unnoticed, weary viewing our procedures because of that. >> reporter: there's another factor that perhaps could have saved his life. look on the back have the pack, here, this is an automatic activation device. it tells you if you're too close to the ground, he didn't have one and was not required to have one as he was a veteran licensed skydiver. it automatically pulls the safety chute. joe vazquez -- >> california close to having some of the toughest safety requirements on the ski slopes.
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one bill helding to the governor's desk would require skiers and snowboarders under 18 to wear helmets. violators would face a fine of up to $25. lawmakers have also a approved a bill that would require ski resorts to prepare annual safety plans. hasan jose dmv office finally re-opened today after a computer meltdown earlier this week. the dmv finished the system upgrade around 1:00 this afternoon at the you will ma office. a glitch shut the office down for most of monday, tuesday, and this morning. the office will open as usual tomorrow but a reminder, all dmv offices will be closed state-wide this friday which is a designated worker furlough day. >> volvo is showing, if it's newest cars, it says protect pedestrians. it wasn't the driver that hit the brakes, the car stopped it. volvo gave a demonstration tonight in san francisco of its pedestrian protection with full
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auto break technology. that device consists of a radar and some cameras that watch for things in front of the car. >> when it does determine that it is a person that is looking for behaviors, movements, and if it cease ooh you're approaching at a speed of up to 22 miles per hour, that's when it will full auto break. >> if the car is moving faster than 22 miles per hour the car still attempts to slow down as much as possible. right now the system is only available on volvo's 2011f60s. >> if you have a gmail account you can now use it to make phone calls. the technology is nothing new but tech experts still say this is a game-changer. paper. e . >> and if you're ready to take your family's egg consumption into your own hands, get a pen and a paper, everything you need to raise your own chickens. >> and new faces at the zoo coming up, we're going to tell you what these are. >> it looks like a giant rat. >> okay. it's back.
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>> reporter: yes, the marine layer and the effect it's going to have on your thursday, it's a big one. eyewitness news continues, you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay... was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing. she has this ability to come to a very confusing situation, take a look and figure out what the right thing to do is. there was no playing things loose or close to the edge. we were going to do things the right way... because ultimately, that's the way you build a company to last. she was always asking us to be as efficient as possible, to be as frugal as possible. she gets in at the heart of the issue... and she'll bring people together to resolve a problem. she's a problem solver. she listens to people around her and she will seek... different and often conflicting points of view. she makes people feel heard and makes them feel valued. but, ultimately she's looking to make the right decision. we can fix california, no question about it.
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it's going to take a different style of leadership, it's going to take a different approach, but we can make california great again. ♪
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brought to you by the 2010 honda clearance sale. . google is making it easier to reach out and call someone from your computer. anyone with a google email account can now make a regular phone call from their gmail page. the person doesn't need to have a computer, just a phone. the technology isn't exactly new but experts say it is a game-changer. in the past you actually had to settle up a time to call your friends on skype. now, right in your email, you'll be able to place a real
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phone call to your contacts without having to leave the page and in just a few clicks. >> all domestic calls are free and it's just a few cents per minute for international calls. well the massive recall of tainted eggs has a lot of people talking about raising their own chickens and enjoying the home-grown eggs. sunset magazine shows our photo journalist robert noon than how it is done. . >> you want to make sure you have enough space. chickens don't like to be solitary. general advice is not to have fewer than three. and birds need 10 square feet per each bird of yard to run around. and then they need 4 square feet of co-op. so the place that they sleep at night. they like to sleep on a roost, a branch, up high above predators, it's their natural instincts, and they'll need ray boxes in there. they like to ray their eggs in dark, cozy spaces. if you buy a baby chick you can
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expect fresh eggs starting in about three months, and they will ray an inning a day for the next up to two years, they taste delicious, you know exactly what they have been eating, so there is no question. you can see the difference, you can taste the difference, it's hard to go back to eating store- bought eggs after having fresh ones from your yard. >> those are some happy chickens. >> yeah, good to build a co-op. feed 'em. >> then they fly the co-op. >> got to build a little area they run around. >> eh over there, you done. >> that's a lot of eggs. >> got some business to tend to over here. okay? take a look at this, earlier today the leading edge of the marine layer is beginning to make a move toward the bay. a record 74 today, night fall in the city and, yes, it feels
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like winter outside. in san francisco right now, cold, blustery, drizzly. today we had three record high temperatures. santa rosa 103, san jose triple digits, oakland for the third consecutive day a record breaker at 88 degrees. but you can bank on tomorrow morning we'll all be in the clouds with even some localized drizzling. no chance of seeing that sun up at 6:33, according to our pinpoint forecast there you have that marine layer stretching, a good 40, 50 miles inland retreating back to the bay by the noon hour, and then hanging tight for the coast all day. that's going to make a big dent and the numbers, in fact we have this right here, take a look at that. that is a trough. that's going to affect your weekend. that seven-day forecast coming up. but, tonight, 50s and 60s, we'll all sleep a lot better with the cooler air mass. 76 degrees tomorrow in sonning dale, down from 100 to 79 degrees in san jose, east bay numbers anywhere from 63 in richmond to 90 in brentwood but that's still 16 degrees cooler
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than today at 106 degrees. 79 degrees this santa rosa down from 103. additional cooling on friday and then we're talking about unseasonably cool conditions over the weekend. how about top's my pick. this was sent in by geo, what is that, georgio? i'm sorry, i can't read that far away, farina. thank you, keep the photos coming. >> georgio. >> of course, nice picture. bob dillon gave his barrier fans a flashback today. for a show tonight in the war field, fans had to show up in person to get tickets, so old school. it was one ticket per person at a cost of $60 even. no convenience fees, no presales, no internet, no credit cards, cash only. concert organizers said it was something special for san francisco and fans were in the groove. >> that's the way it should be. there is no middleman, the
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right people are getting the money and giving the money and i think it's really great. >> it was the first time in 20 years that the 70-year-old rock legend has played the war field. of the mos play. . >> coming up, an attack on green reat golden gate park. the foliage that has been victim of the most recent foul victim of the most recent foul play and the i started with a free trial membership and i was hooked! [ male announcer ] now, with netflix, you can watch tv episodes and movies instantly with the three leading video game systems or other devices. watching instantly is so easy! you just click it and bam... it's right there. [ male announcer ] netflix. unlimited streaming to your tv over the internet -- plus unlimited dvds by mail for only nine bucks a month. netflix lets me watch what i want when i want. [ male announcer ] go to to start your netflix free trial today. did you fall? oh. rollerblading. you poor thing. skiing accident? um... mountain biking. mmm! snowboarding?
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. eyewitness news brought to you by jenny o. all the great tasting ways to eat lighter. >> another case of vandalism at plants in golden gate park. this time they chopped town newly planted shrubs. vickville a lone a on how police hope to anybody that in the bud. >> to the vandals getting careful, golden gate park is safe and we're going to keep it safe. >> reporter: that's captain rich korea that some people are calling jack the clipper. >> what, a serial short cultural list. >> we don't know. >> it's a serial horticultural list? honestly, i believe we have a couple of folks engaging in
2:01 am
this conduct. >> and since may that conduct includes damage to 47 trees, three entire rose beds and what were a thought to be the latest casualties. but evidence suggests this assault actually happened 6 to 8 weeks ago. the evidence is key in any police investigation. and this is no different. and sometimes the dead talk. >> we are following up on clues and we do have some clues here. i believe that we will be able to develop some information about why those particular roses were hit. >> reporter: as the investigation takes root the snare tightens. police are beefing up the number of patrols and undercover officers. >> anybody with a cutting device in the park is going to be of great interest to us. >> come enjoy but don't, don't take and don't cut, it's for the public, it's for everybody to enjoy. >> reporter: and it would seem that public also has a message for the clipper. as evidenced by this sign. please, love your trees. on the frighter side, the comparison to the dead telling
2:02 am
their story ends right there as these victims are coming back to life. witnessed here by this single rose where, just last week, there were none. in san francisco, rick villaroman, cbs5. tonight a day trader is facing a tax bill of $172 million. this lean was posted on the smoking gun web site. new york daily news says marcos pa was a bow veal has returned to his home country of spain, but he apparently failed to file a tax return of 2006, when he was trading in new york. so he didn't claim losses or expenses and now the feds are after him. apparently a friend says he asked "who is the irs in." >> well maybe marco can get a loan from tiger's wife who spoke out for the first time welcome to progressive. nice calculator.
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have to admit..i switched over to watch amanpour track down the taliban..what a mistake.. they spotted the reds a 10-1 . when the giants were down 10-1, i switched over to track down the taliban. they spotted the reds a 10-1 lead before making an historic comeback. juan uribe makes it 10-8. later in the evening andress torres iraquis a double down, two runs come in, the giants erase a nine-run deficit. they tied the game at 10 in extra innings. with no relievers left barry
2:06 am
zito makes it in the bullpen, mvp candidate joey var row and the reds go up 12-11. bottom of the 12th, tying run at third for torres. not this time. routine ground ball ends one of the most incredible games in giants history. they lose 12-11 and remain tied for the wildcard lead. the a's came out swinging in cleveland. kevin kouzmanoff missed a home run by 3". the a's with an early 5-0 lead. the inning lasted so long trevor kahlil had to get loose in the dugout. kahlil had another great start. he gives up one unearned run in seven innings, he is 14-5, this was the 23rd consecutive game an oakland starter went at least 6 innings, who is managing this team, billy martin? the a's beat the tribe 6-1. tiger's wife, ex-wife elin
2:07 am
brakes her silence in people magazine, she said she never hit him with a golf club, started losing her hair, lives within a mile of tiger who is not allowed past the security gates without her permission. tonight's top 5 is a reminder for all of you out there. have you charged your cell phone tonight. at number 5 jim burric will not play in the barkley's golf tournament after missing this morning's pro am because he over slept and the alarm on his cell phone died. number 4 to the windy city. right fielder robs him of a three base hit. watch the blue dot push down the red dot. i haven't seen that kind of back stabbing since alert channel 4. at number 2 the rockies also fielded a 10-1 deficit today except they rally back and won. they beat the braves 12-10. number 1 play of the night. the father of marlins rookie outfielder logan morrisonn took a 30-hour train ride to watch
2:08 am
his son play for the very first time. his father has been battling lung cancer since april, he is unable to fly. today he got to see his son hit his first major league triple. it was ,,,, you could tell even back in early 1999 when ebay... was a small company that meg-- meg knew what she was doing. she has this ability to come to a very confusing situation, take a look and figure out what the right thing to do is. there was no playing things loose or close to the edge.
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we were going to do things the right way... because ultimately, that's the way you build a company to last. she was always asking us to be as efficient as possible, to be as frugal as possible. she gets in at the heart of the issue... and she'll bring people together to resolve a problem. she's a problem solver. she listens to people around her and she will seek... different and often conflicting points of view. she makes people feel heard and makes them feel valued. but, ultimately she's looking to make the right decision. we can fix california, no question about it. it's going to take a different style of leadership, it's going to take a different approach, but we can make california great again. ♪


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